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RM43.00 MYR

Made with silicone mouthpiece & a purge valve for easy water clearance. Splash guard to channel incoming water away from air passage. COLORS: BK, BS-GN, BS-HP, BS-MK, BS-O, BS-PR, CB, CO, CT, GN, HP, LY, NY, P, PB, PR, W.
SN-103 (Snorkel with Splash Guard and Drain Valve)

RM35.00 MYR

High-grade silicone mouthpiece offers a wide angle to spread bite force when snorkeling, lessening jaw fatigue.

RM44.00 MYR

The tube and mouthpiece of SN36 are made entirely from top grade silicone. The angle of the mouthpiece allows users to breathe easily with relaxed jaw muscles. This stylish spearfishing / free diving snorkel is supple and comfortable to use in any condition. Simple silicone snorkel which can be bent...
SN-203 (Dry Snorkel)

RM82.00 MYR

This 100% distinct dry snorkel offers both style and functionality. Its design prevents water from entering the tube due to the splash of the ocean waves.  When submerging under the waves, our dry top has a buoy that rises and effectively seals the air chamber. Thus keeping the snorkel completely...
SN-201 (3D FLEX DRY - Snorkelling Snake)

RM95.00 MYR

While we don't claim to have "re-invented" the snorkel, the 3D FLEX DRY is pretty close to it! 3D FLEX DRY's special top has not 1 but 4 valves, each capable of blocking the air entrance independantly. If the snorkeler unintentionally submerges the top part of the snorkel (i.e. looking...

RM4.00 MYR

Available in clear (C), black silicone (BS) or silitex (P). Can be used with tube up to 2.9cm (1.14”) in outside diameter.

RM32.00 MYR

Double bend silicone snorkel with splashguard and clearance purge. COLOURS: BS-CB, BS-BK, T, BK, NY, CB, W
SN7-07 (Green CAMO spearfishing snorkel)

RM66.00 MYR

Simplicity in design means no weaknesses. Stout snorkel holder. COLOURS: 07(green camouflage).

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