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GP-15 (Mini SPG)

RM450.00 MYR

Super low profile, lightweight pressure gauge encased in durable TPR boot Luminous dial face Maximum pressure reading: 400bar (5000psi) Dial face Ø 5cm (2") CE Approved
GP-600 (Mini Two Gauge Console)

RM650.00 MYR

Same features as GP-500 with a mini writing slate at the back instead of the compass. Available in Metric and Imperial readings (sold separately). Color: BK, W CE Approved

RM850.00 MYR

• Multicolor markings for easy reading • Compass with bezel and side window for easy reading in all positions • Maximum depth rating: 260ft or 80m • Maximum service pressure: 5000psi or 300 BAR • Glow in the dark luminescent gauge face • Standard 30" (76cm) high-pressure hose included. •...

RM800.00 MYR

●  Mini pressure gauge and depth gauge console with the compass located on the reverse side ●  Large compass with bezel and side window for easy reading ●  Maximum depth: 60m or 200ft ●  Maximum pressure: 400bar or 5000psi ●  Glow in the dark gauge faces ●  Available in Metric...
GP-21 (Module Depth Gauge)

RM280.00 MYR

Depth Meter Module Max Depth : 70 Meter

RM129.00 MYR

. Maximum pressure 350 BAR (or 5000psi). . Small, compact, weighs only 40g (1.40oz). . Fluorescent gauge face. . Ideal for pony bottle use. . GP16-OX for nitrox divers.
CT-4 (Intermediate Pressure Checker)

RM245.00 MYR

• INTERMEDIATE PRESSURE CHECKER • Pressure checker with BC hose quick disconnector and built-in bleed valve.
CT-3 (Intermediate Pressure Checker)

RM130.00 MYR

• INTERMEDIATE PRESSURE CHECKER • With BC hose quick disconnector
CT-2 (Yoke Tank Pressure Checker Tool)

RM516.00 MYR

• YOKE TANK PRESSURE CHECKER • The gauge is oil filled to ensure accuracy and durability.
CT-1N (Pressure Checkers, Gauges and Calibration Tools)

RM435.00 MYR

DIN (300 bar, G 5/8) tank pressure checker – essential safety equipment Easy to read, multicolor gauge Fits standard size coupling Integrated bleeder valve Trusted by professional and tech divers
GP-23 (Wrist Compass)

RM250.00 MYR

Bezel with side window for easy reading Luminous face Durable boot with strap

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