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CS-75608 (Mask And Snorkel Combo Set)

RM190.00 MYR

Combo includes M75 Martinique twin lens mask, SN60 purge snorkel, and CS8 mesh bag with CS7 combo clam shell package. Colors: BS-BK, BS-GN, BS-O, CB, HP, LY, NY, PR, T, W
CF-03 (Snorkeling COMBO)

RM325.00 MYR

MP111+SN60+FK31+CS5-S Colours: HP, BS-HP, GN, BS-GN, BS-PR, BS-O, W, B
CS-71088 (Kid's Mask and Snorkel Combo Set)

RM175.00 MYR

M71 + SNK8 + CS7-1 + CS8-1 Available Colors: B, BK, W/P
CS-91035 (Mask And Snorkel Combo Set)

RM154.00 MYR

M9 SATURN twin lens mask, SN-103 snorkel with splash guard and drain valve and CS5-XXS mesh bag. Colors: B, BS-B, BS-BK, BS-GN, BS-NY
CF-02 (Snorkeling Combo Set)

RM325.00 MYR

M75 (Mask) + SN60 (Snorkel) + FK31 (Fin) + CS5-S (Mesh Bag) Colors: BS-GN , BS-B K, BS-O , LY , W , PR , HP , CB  

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