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J-1700 (MERCURY)

RM1,200.00 MYR

MERCURY BCD  w/Weight Pockets Features include: Durable 420D TPU coated Nylon shell. Cold water capable power inflator (IF-1700) with pull dump. 2 additional rear quick dump valves. Adjustable sternum strap. 2 rear trim pockets take up to 1KG (2.2lb) of weight each. 2 integrated weight pockets(4kg each). Padded backpack. All...
J1800 (ECO)

RM1,400.00 MYR

Durable 420D TPU coated nylon fabric Foamed back pad provides extra comfort Integrated weight pockets at both sides of the BCD which can be loaded up to 4KG(8.8lb) each 2 extra weight pockets are designed on the tank band; up to 2KG(4.4lb) each Flat dump valve design with waterproof OPRV...
J800-1000D (HOPE)

RM980.00 MYR

This is a traditional jacket style BCD which provides all the basic requirements a diver needs at a much affordable cost. It is comfortable, easy to use while durability and reliability is not sacrificed in the manufacturing process. The tough 1000D CORDURA shell can withstand rigorous usage and the power...
JT-30 & JT-40 (Single Bladder Single-Tank Air Cell 30lbf or 40lbf)

from RM990.00 MYR

It is designed for single tank use. The air cell is extremely streamlined and its frontal width (as the diver assumes swimming position) is barely wider than an average person’s shoulders. Low pressure BC hose included. Style: Circular doughnut Buoyancy capacity: 30lbf (13.6kgf) / 40lbf (18.1kgf) Bladder material: 210D TPU...
JT-31D (Single-tank Single Bladder BCD)

RM2,899.00 MYR

SINGLE TANK TECH BCD WITH BASIC HARNESS These are complete single tank BCDs with hydro-dynamic doughnut style air cells. They have a narrow frontal profile to really improve streamlining in the water when in swimming position. The minimalistic harness also give more chest room for easier access to attachments and...
R-860 (Flagship Diaphragm Regulator)

RM1,250.00 MYR

This latest regulator set from IST is not only feature-packed and capable of handling a high work load, it can also be used in both warm and cold water conditions. CE mark certified    - R8 BALANCED DIAPHRAGM 1st STAGE • It has a high-flow, fast-acting valve system that is...
T-100 (High Power LED Torch)

RM1,089.00 MYR

Compact and sturdy, provides effective illumination for night diving or average exploration. Durable, attractive anodized aluminium alloy torch body. Comes with user-changeable photographic lens. Lantern handle with adequate clearance, even when using thick gloves. Switch lock prevents accidental activation. Twin O-ring waterproof seal. CE APPROVED.

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