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BB (Belt Buckle-plastics)

RM18.00 MYR

Durable plastic buckle with IST logo.COLORS: B, BK, NY
BCHH-3 (Hose Holder)

RM14.50 MYR

Colours: Blue, Black, and Neon Yellow Overall Length: 11.5cm (4.5”) 3 Pressure hose holders with clip
CS-75608 (Mask And Snorkel Combo Set)

RM190.00 MYR

Combo includes M75 Martinique twin lens mask, SN60 purge snorkel, and CS8 mesh bag with CS7 combo clam shell package. Colors: BS-BK, BS-GN, BS-O, CB, HP, LY, NY, PR, T, W
F-20 (SUPER S)

RM100.00 MYR

Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket. Open toe box for quick draining. Broad size range. Very long lasting, an excellent product for rental purpose. COLOURS: B , BK , NY
F-36 (VELOX)

RM100.00 MYR

Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket Vented for more efficient propulsion Open toe box for quick draining Broad size range Size XXS and smaller are for children Colours: B, BK, NY, P, W Sizes 3XS to M for Color of Pink & White
GL-03 (Reef Gloves)

RM90.00 MYR

Tropical mesh gloves with 0.9mm thick synthetic Amara leather at palm for ultimate cooling and protection. Excellent finger dexterity. Velcro closure. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Colors: B, BK, NY
LP-OCTO (Rubber Octopus hose in 90cm/36")

RM90.00 MYR

FEATURES 90cm (36") - rubber hose for octopus Availalble color: BK, NY, GN

RM135.00 MYR

Corona has been one of the most popular IST masks and its superior fitting and comfort are the reasons behind the success. Its swivel buckle allows the diver to adjust the mask to the most desirable position. The low internal volume gives unrestricted view. COLOURS: B , BK , BS-BK...
MP-111 (Scope Single Lens Mask)

RM80.00 MYR

Colors: B, BS-B, BS-GN, BS-HP, BS-O, BS-PR, GN, HP, NY, T, W Single-lens mask with hypoallergenic silicone skirt. Equipped with IST MS11 silicone mask strap.
MP-207 (GAUGE Mask)

RM250.00 MYR

Twin lens mask with built-in bifocal lens (+1.75). Magnifying lenses at an angle to improve downward vision providing magnification. Colors: BS, C, CB
MS-20 (Neoprene Mask Strap Cover)

from RM21.00 MYR

Comfortable neoprene mask strap cover. COLORS: BK, B, NY, P
O-50 (Non-Adjustable Octopus)

RM400.00 MYR

Reliable and robust, the O50 uses the time-proven, easy to service down-stream valve. Coupled with our high-spec, large bore intermediate pressure hose (max. service pressure @ 34.5 BAR / 500psi), it flows more than enough air even when breathing demand is high. Reliable and robust, the O-50 uses the time-proven,...
R-860 (Flagship Diaphragm Regulator)

RM1,250.00 MYR

This latest regulator set from IST is not only feature-packed and capable of handling a high work load, it can also be used in both warm and cold water conditions. CE mark certified    - R8 BALANCED DIAPHRAGM 1st STAGE • It has a high-flow, fast-acting valve system that is...

RM75.00 MYR

Made with silicone mouthpiece & a purge valve for easy water clearance. Splash guard to channel incoming water away from air passage. COLORS: BK, BS-GN, BS-HP, BS-MK, BS-O, BS-PR, CB, CO, CT, GN, HP, LY, NY, P, PB, PR, W.

RM45.00 MYR

Double bend silicone snorkel with splashguard and clearance purge. COLOURS: BS-CB, BS-BK, T, BK, NY, CB, W

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