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G-39 (Swimming Goggle)

RM75.00 MYR

Wrap round water sports goggle. Comfortable silicone skirt provides watertight seal. Color: BK, C, CB

RM200.00 MYR RM130.00 MYR

Panorama is the original IST metal mask. By using lightweight and robust 6000 series aluminium, this mask is possibly the strongest on the market today.The frame measures only 8.1mm / 0.32'' in thickness and the bridge area is merely 7.3mm / 0.29'' in width. With a contour hugging hypoallergenic liquid...
M-12 (Imperial Tri-view Purged Mask)

RM180.00 MYR

This tri-view mask has centre nose purge for hand free water clearance and has been a favourite amongst many snorkelers and divers because of the unrestricted vision it offers. There are plenty of room in the nose pocket region for decompression purpose, even with thick gloves.FEATURES Tri-view design Wide, uninterrupted...
M-27 (TORTUGA Mask)

RM150.00 MYR

• Classic, traditional single lens mask in retro oval shape• Tempered glass, scratch-resistant window for clarity and safety• Liquid-injected silicone skirt and strap for great seal and comfort• Easily adjustable buckles and strap for precise fit• Great underwater • Available in stainless steel or rubber
M-45 (VENUS)

RM150.00 MYR

Oversize single lens frame is perfect for medium to larger faces, accommodates mustaches Multiple position strap adjuster allows for a customized fit Lens is angled toward the face to increase range of vision in all directions High-grade liquid injected silicone skirt and strap for exceptional comfort and snug fit Multiple...
M-50 Shadow (Single Lens Dive Mask)

RM130.00 MYR

It is made with tempered glass and comfortable silicone skirt. The Shadow has a durable high impact plastic frame and offers an excellent view to the wearer. The Shadow has a double feathered edge skirt for a great seal and a large easy to reach one-handed nose pocket for ear...

RM135.00 MYR

Corona has been one of the most popular IST masks and its superior fitting and comfort are the reasons behind the success. Its swivel buckle allows the diver to adjust the mask to the most desirable position. The low internal volume gives unrestricted view. COLOURS: B , BK , BS-BK...
M-75 (Martinique Dive Mask)

RM120.00 MYR

The comfortable, high quality hypoallergenic silicone skirt fits a wide range of facial shapes with an assuring seal. The Martinique is famous for fitting nearly everyone! It has large view crystal clear lenses, a high quality hypoallergenic silicone skirt, and easy to use mask buckles. The wide and supple seal...

from RM160.00 MYR

BLUETECH was designed to fit a wide range of facial profile with comfort. Its hypoallergenic and elastic silicone skirt creates a watertight seal that is soft yet resilient to pressure at depth. The bendable buckles are attached to the skirt which will not interfere with fitting and enable the mask...

RM130.00 MYR

The black, liquid injected exclusive hypoallergenic soft silicone offers extraordinary and unparalleled comfort and fit. The Saturn rests on your face, and does not leave rings even after an extended snorkel or dive. So, if you are tired of masks leaving ring-around-the-eyeballs, and would rather have them around the frame,...
M-99 (SEAL)

RM180.00 MYR

With our advanced plastic and silicone integrated injection method, SEAL's soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt is molded directly onto the frame. This technique means lesser parts are needed, so a lighter and more comfortable mask has been developed. With this new technology, the internal volume of the mask has been significantly...
M200 (SYNTHESIS Aluminium frame mask)

RM230.00 MYR

• Aluminum frame with twin-colored sub-frame, skirt made from hypoallergenic liquid silicone • Easy adjusting mask buckles attach to the skirt for easy storage and weight reduction • Fits a wide range of facial profiles with comfort • Tempered glass twin lenses ensure clarity and safety • Multiple color combinations...
M30BSM (Drago Mask)

RM130.00 MYR

The mask’s buckles are directly attached to the skirt and this makes DRAGO extremely comfortable to wear.The minimalistic construction ensures durability and well-suited for rental use.• Using latest painting and e-plating technology on this classic mask to give it a new life!   OL2 / OL2M  Optical lenses available in diopter...

RM180.00 MYR

ANTI-FOG SOLUTION Foggy Mask Lens is a common problem and a very annoying situation for every diver.The anti-fog spray may temporarily solve the problem, but it has to be applied on each dive. ISTʼs newest technology in Anti-Fog Lens Film makes you no longer have foggy mask problems! Prior to...

RM15.00 MYR

* Great for shop presentation or mask storage.* Fits all IST masks except for M2R, M12, M27, M37, M45.

RM458.00 MYR

Difficulty in equalising and the possibility of getting ear infection are problems that can happen to any diver regardless of their experience. It can become serious enough to stop one from diving.Solution? The IST ProEar Mask is manufactured to the highest standard and only the best materials are used. It...

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