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F-1 (Rubber Fins)

RM359.00 MYR

Traditional rubber fin with proven design By combining features such as special blade curvature, varying degree of flexibility and structural ribs, the product is positive forward thrust with spring-like effect. The open vents efficiently channels the water flow to give added energy saving effect IST stainless steel spring fin strap...

from RM127.00 MYR

• Durable and comfortable rubber fins• Very flexible and powerful, easy to manoeuvre• Open toe box for quick drainage• Broad size range• Size XXS and smaller are for children   COLOR: BK
F-20 (SUPER S)

RM100.00 MYR

Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket. Open toe box for quick draining. Broad size range. Very long lasting, an excellent product for rental purpose. COLOURS: B , BK , NY
F-36 (VELOX)

RM100.00 MYR

Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket Vented for more efficient propulsion Open toe box for quick draining Broad size range Size XXS and smaller are for children Colours: B, BK, NY, P, W Sizes 3XS to M for Color of Pink & White

RM435.00 MYR

Propulsion represents a new generation of rubber fin. The fin is deliberately made slightly shorter but no power is lost through its wider blade and the utilisation of rubber’s unmatched flexibility. In fact, more thrust is gained by the 3 deep vents, which force water backwards, mimicking the effect of...
FB-7 (Fin Buckle)

RM15.00 MYR

Quick release fin buckle. To be used in conjunction with FS7.
FP-01 (SUMi)

RM320.00 MYR

By utilizing various materials’ stiffness and innovative structural arrangements, SUMi was designed to produce propulsion efficiency. The end result is a pair of fins which is not only easy to kick with, but excellent momentum is created to quickly propel the diver forward. The fin’s foot pocket fitting is the result...

RM16.50 MYR

Rubber fin strap. To be used in conjunction with FB7.

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