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RM118.00 MYR

Surface marker with international dive flag.
SB-5 (Surface Marker Buoy)

RM190.00 MYR

Reusable safety sausage with a unique two-layer design: the outer layer is made oftough nylon with water-resistant PU coating, which protects the inner bladder. The taped edge prevents the outer layer from fraying. The inflate underwater, simply use an octopus to release air into the balloon’s opening, and the air...
SB-7/R (Surface Marker Buoy with Reflective Tape)

RM250.00 MYR

Made from 210D nylon with 0.1mm TPU inner layer. Comes with an over pressure valve. SOLAS reflective tape. Dimension: 137cm x 24cm (54” x 9.5”)
SB-8/R (Surface Marker Buoy)

RM150.00 MYR

Dimension: 114cm (45”) x 12cm (4.7”) Made from 210D TPU coated Nylon Plastic oral inflator SOLAS reflective tape

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