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BP-6 (Tank Band with Stainless Steel Cam Buckle)

RM204.00 MYR

Quick-release design tank band, only need to be set up for one time Material: P.P. webbing and 304 stainless steel cam buckle For cylinders with outside diameter 7.25”(BP-6) and 5.25”(BP6-1)
FB-7 (Fin Buckle)

RM13.00 MYR

Quick release fin buckle. To be used in conjunction with FS7.

RM56.00 MYR

FS-10 Spring fin strap with complete IST FB7 buckles. Rust resistant stainless steel spring straps are ideal for technical and recreational diving. The main advantage of these straps is that when fitted, fins become easier to put on and take off. Each style has 5 lengths for comfortable and secure...

RM130.00 MYR

Corona has been one of the most popular IST masks and its superior fitting and comfort are the reasons behind the success. Its swivel buckle allows the diver to adjust the mask to the most desirable position. The low internal volume gives unrestricted view. COLOURS: B , BK , BS-BK...
MP-110 (Frameless Diving Mask)

RM180.00 MYR

Frameless mask made from hypoallergenic liquid silicone Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the skirt. Fits a wide range of facial profiles with comfort. Colors: Black Silicone, Clear Silicone and White Silicone
WB-10 (Weight Belt)

RM35.00 MYR

Weight belt with plastic buckle and 2" (5cm) wide webbing. 1.5m (5ft) long. COLORS: B, BK, NY
WB-12 (Weight Belt)

RM57.00 MYR

Weight belt with new BB-3 stainless buckle and 2" (5cm) wide webbing. 1.5m (5ft) long. COLORS: B, BK, NY

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